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A journey to the world of Conquest

In 47 B.C., the Kaiser emperor returned with a proud return of three words: I Came, I saw, I conquerded (I came, I see, I conquered) and translated into Veni, vidi, vici in Latin. Today, even though the colonial era is over, the world is still seeing "seeing and conquering". In the new economic era, the VICI shower room with the highest quality has emerged as the times require. Convening the world's excellent supplier of spare parts, and leading the designer, VICI, to the world's luxury market, open a magnificent and conquering journey.

culture of VICI

Design idea

Home industry "2017 Brand Award influence brand award"
Today's headline is the most popular brand of bathroom brands
Double 11, double 12 Tmall beauty new retail rank customized shower room NO.1
The third annual China brand marketing case award in 2016

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