design concept
A journey to the world of conquest

In 47 BC, Caesars proudly shouted three words after the triumphant return:
I Came, I saw, I conquerded (I have been, I saw, I conquered)
Translated to Latin in veni,vidi,vici
Today, even though the colonial era is over, the world is still surging in the sights and conquests.
In the new era of economy, the VICI shower room with the belief of ultimate quality came into being.
Convene global excellent spare parts suppliers and top design masters,
VICI, starting from the luxury market in the world, started a magnificent and magnificent conquest.

Global Sauna First Brand
The Swedish royal family, kings, presidents, and consuls all love TYLO's lover
2015 Shanghai Sanitary Ware Exhibition
VICI and TYLO will formally sign a strong alliance
Let you at home
You can enjoy royal treatment

Each of VICI's works is designed by international top designers.

Revised Luca Rossi of the Louvre in France,
International Grand Prix winner Alexander Andrucci

... The new image of space created by their design innovations dominates the future development of the shower room.

VICI accessories - imported from Germany

ICI's accessories are imported from Germany, simple and rigorous
World industrial design model.
Full range of crystal super white laminated glass,
The color is crystal clear, noble and elegant, highlighting the distinctive high-grade taste.

The world's premier crystal manufacturer -
SWAROVSKI Queen shower brand

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) is the world's premier crystal manufacturer, providing a wide range of high-quality cut crystals annually for industries such as fashion, jewellery and crystal lamps. It is known for its high quality, eye-catching and highly precise crystals and related products. World's Crystal Crafts Brand.

As we all know, Swarovski crystals are very harsh on the selection of matching products, especially sanitary ware. After long-term market visits and comparisons, Swarovski Crystals gave up other brands and chose VICI as its only matching designated shower room brand.

  • The world's first lightless infrared heating glass

    Utilizing the principle of non-light infrared heating, it greatly solves the problem of large temperature difference after steaming out of the sauna to prevent stroke, cold and other health problems. At the same time, the lightless infrared heating glass also has the function of adjusting the temperature, effectively preventing the heat during the showering process. The loss of your life will no longer make you afraid of taking a bath in winter.

  • The only in the industry ---- The first adhesive tape

    With the VICI shower room, it was an experience that we had never had before. It was only for us that we did not "luxury" from the details. VICI sealant strips, raw materials up to more than 20 kinds, expensive imported raw materials, modulation process must also be used More than a decade of professional craftsmen, from rubber pellets to molding, small plastic strips, must be so harsh.

  • All products using clip crystal ultra-white glass

    Crystal ultra-white glass, also known as low-iron glass, has a series of advantages such as high light transmittance, good visual effect and high safety. It is a new type of curtain wall material with higher grades, used in high-end bathrooms, exhibition halls, and landmark buildings. , known as the glass family, "Crystal Prince," said. The ultra-white glass is clear, crystal clear, and has a glassy crystal texture. It is as clear and moving as the moonlight. It is pleasing to the eye. The use of ultra-white glass shower room, can show a distinctive high-end taste.

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