Selection Safety
As for the products of glass, profiles, and hardware, as small as each plastic accessories, we have all been carefully selected,
And conduct high safety standard tests to ensure that the selected materials are in compliance with the high-strength use safety standards.

Material hardness, high toughness, good corrosion resistance, at the same time beautiful and easy to maintain
Drake has independent research and development of metal processing equipment and stainless steel processing technology than any other, each stainless steel accessories are designed by Drake self-designed open, through multiple composite process thrown into, with five mirror effect, glow metal texture


Deli Aluminum adopts aviation-grade high-standard profiles, which are hard, tough, moderate, not brittle, and not easily deformed. The tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness and many other important indicators are better than the national standard to meet the European Union
D&C made a subversive transformation of the aluminum alloy profiles to make supply more stable and quality more secure

world's first Air Air strip

Use VICI shower room, it is an experience never before, just for us from the subtleties do not pay attention to "luxury"
VICI sealing strips, raw materials up to more than 20 kinds, expensive imported raw materials, modulation process must also The use of professional craftsmen for over ten years, from rubber pellets to molding, small plastic strips, must be so harsh

Double explosion-proof full transparent optical glass

The third-generation double-decker, explosion-proof, all-transparent optical glass is a combination of double-decker BMW Tempered glass and PVB film imported from Germany. Its glass hardness is five times that of ordinary tempered glass. Even after crushing, the glass is still completely adhered. Drop, effectively avoid secondary damage.

Transparent optical glass

Extraordinary process: The cost is very high, and the companies that master the production technology of transparent optical glass are rare all over the world. Excellent quality: less impurities such as iron and nickel, low self-explosion rate, high transparency, transparent crystal, and light transmittance More than %, it is called "Crystal Prince".

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